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Cahoon Hollow

WECAC promotes adaptation programs and policies to make Wellfleet a resilient community. As a town surrounded by water, with the bay on one side and the ocean on the other, Wellfleet is vulnerable to sea-level rise and storm surges, the latter the more immediate threat with four-foot surges already occurring.

  • Formulate and advance adaptation strategies as outlined in the 2018 Wellfleet Comprehensive Plan Section 10 on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies.

  • Educate and engage residents and businesses on expected climate change hazards and impacts and mitigation opportunities.

While Wellfleetians are all too familiar with tidal flow on Lt. Island Road, this will become more common in the future without mitigation and adaption. Note the car in the water.

See the map from the Cape Cod Commission to see what a storm surge would look like in Wellfleet for you. 


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Hazard Mitigation Plan

WECAC helped to develop the 2022 Wellfleet Hazard Mitigation Plan, which examines Wellfleet’s vulnerability to rising sea levels and increased storm frequency and severity. It follows municipal vulnerability leadership from the state in examining and planning strategies for hardening critical resources, particularly infrastructure changes needed to harden roads, critical facilities, and vulnerable populations.


Vulnerabilities Assessment Grant

WECAC worked with the Cape Cod Commission on a vulnerabilities assessment grant, holding stakeholder meetings in December 2021. 

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